ADEPTNA 12 Pack x 500ml Dehumidifier Interior Damp Moisture Mould Mildew Remover - Extremely Helpful in Reducing and Stooping Damp Mould and Moisture

Sale price£14.95
  • EASY TO USE - They are very easy to use . Ideal for rooms including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, caravans, boats, garages or anywhere excess moisture is causing a problem
  • EXTREMELY HELPFUL - Helps stop damp, mould, mildew and condensation, Interior Dehumidifier is designed to remove dampness & humidity from the air in your home ABSORBS - Absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in water. Can be used in, wardrobes, caravans, cupboards and boats.
  • DEHUMIDIFIERS START WORKING - Dehumidifiers will start to remove moisture as soon as they are opened, but they won't show signs straight away we use good quality calcium chloride, and because of this signs of the product working take longer as you get longer use from product. The first drop appears within 1 - 3 weeks depending on the humidity level.
  • ABSORBENT DESIGN - Special absorbent design, water will not spill even if container topples sideway. Great for Laundry Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Caravans and Boats. products will last between 4 - 6 weeks, Depending on the humidity level.

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