ADEPTNA 4m Gutter Guard Brush Drain Downpipe Leave Filter Cleaner Tool guttering Outdoor - Simple to fit to Prevent Drains and Gutters from Getting Clogged and Blocked

Sale price£11.95
  • The black gutter brush assists in stopping leaves blocking the rainwater drainpipe. Protect your gutter from bird droppings, nests and curious Weasels.
  • Regular cleaning your gutter with our Gutter Cleaner, remove leaves and debris, allowing water to flow freely to downspouts.
  • Insert the brush guard into the gutter - Take it out and brush off the dirt to keep clean. The gutter brush ensures no expensive and time-consuming gutter repair or cleaning.
  • No need to borrow ladders to try and unblock your gutters from all those autumn Leaves. Our gutter brushes last for years as they are UV protected. Easy Remove Leaves and Debris from the Ground.
  • Easy Installation - Do it yourself, easy installation; no need for a skilled tradesman! Keep gutters free from leaves. Fits gutters with internal measurements 10cm -12cm. Stainless steel wiring, Nylon fibres

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