ADEPTNA 6M Strong Plastic MESH Gutter Guard with 8 Fixing Spikes

Sale price£7.95
  • KEEP GUTTER CLEAN - A great cost effective way of keeping leaves and debris out of the gutter and drains. A value roll of 6m mesh, this guard has 8 clips and is 16 cm wide.
  • EASY TO FIT - Easy to cut to size (if required), the mesh is clipped on the top of guttering to stop leaves and twigs falling in, while the rain water flows straight through.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Gutter Mesh High quality Gutter Mesh is just the thing for preventing leaves and debris from clogging gutters and drainpipes. gutter guard mesh
  • WILL NOT RUST - Manufactured from PE material so it doesn’t rust or corrode, this gutter mesh is nice and easy to install. Maintains water flow and reduces Blocking and Clogging in roof gutters.
  • SIZE – (L) 6M X 16CM (W). You can easily make sure that your guttering system stays in nice condition for longer without the need for costly repairs and constant unclogging.

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