ADEPTNA Cat Kitten Massaging Scratching Cat Grooming Arch-Cat Self Groomer Massager Scratching Bristles Post Catnip Toy

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About this item

  • Arch has durable plastic bristles that gently remove loose and shedding hair while giving your cat a massage. Durable Bristles, Super Sturdy
  • Aid to reducing shedding, matting and hair balls, Carpet base is perfect for scratching, arch for massaging and grooming
  • Helps stop shedding, keeping your home hair free. Includes Catnip. Durable but safe plastic bristles and hard wearing, carpeted scratch base
  • The carpet base can be catnip-infused and this will keep you cat coming back for more.
  • Your pet will love the grooming and massaging effects of the Purrfect Arch. The bristles remove loose hair and help to shed undercoat so it doesn't get on your carpets. And the carpet-covered scratch base gives kitty something to scratch that isn't your furniture!

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