ADEPTNA Otter Friendly Collapsible Crab Basket-Crab Crayfish Lobster Catcher Pot Bait Trap Fish Net Eel Prawn Shrimp Live Bait-Ideal for Catching Bates for Fishing or Crabs and Lobsters

Sale price£9.95
  • EASY TO USE - Crab Baskets are easy to use. Simply place a piece of raw meat in the bait pouch at the bottom of the net, and leave in a desirable place for an hour or two before retrieving your trap. Crabs and Crayfish like bait such as bacon, chicken, fish and the like.
  • COLLAPSIBLE - Deluxe collapsible cylindrical trap for catching all kinds of baits, including your tea. Great for Crab Crayfish, Shrimp, Prawn, Lobster and Eel in fact anything that scavenges will be attracted to your trap.
  • LEAVE IN A DESIRABLE PLACE - Simply load the zipped bait bag with your desired baits, scraps or leftovers, leave in a desirable place for an hour or two then retrieve using the string provided. Openings at both ends allow your catch in; there are no escapes what go in stays in. External zip allows you in to retrieve your catch or your tea.
  • GOOD QUALITY NETTING - Made from Heavy Duty Metal Spring frames covered in good quality netting. Features Zipped Access and Zipped Bait Pocket in the Base to Secure the Bait
  • SIZE - Open size approx. 24" x 12" (600mm x 300mm), Closed approx. 1" x 12" (25mm x 300mm). Collapsible for Easy Storage and Transportation. We have a strict quality control system to ensure a stable quality. Backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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