ADEPTNA Premium 8pc Whisky Ice Stones Drink Cooler Cubes Whiskey Scotch Rocks Granite Comes in Exclusive Wooden Domino Box- It's an Extremely Awesome Gift Idea for Men

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  • ENJOY THE FULL STRENGTH OF ANY BEVERAGE - Despite the name, our Whisky Stones are ideal for chilling any beverage, not just your favorite Scotch, Irish Whisky or Bourbon. Try a cube or two with rum, tequila, vodka, white wine or a freshly shaken cocktail. They can even be used in non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy your favorite tipple without thinning out your drink.
  • NOT ALL WHISKY STONES ARE CREATED EQUAL - Unlike other Whisky Stones, our finely crafted cubes are made from solid granite stone and stay chilled in the glass much longer than classic soapstone options. The wooden storage box keeps them clean and free from freezer odors or flavours that can tarnish the taste of your drink.
  • THE PERFECT TOP SHELF GIFT - These chilling stones are like 'eye candy' for your drinks and are a great 'ice breaker' (pardon the pun) at any party. They make an ideal gift for the avid whiskey drinker or serial party host in your life.
  • USE AND GREAT WAY TO COOL - Freeze 2 hours before use (suggested) Size: approx. 2cm x 2cm x 2cm Package Content 1 x 8pcs Whisky Ice Stones Drinks Cooler Cubes Whiskey Scotch Rocks Granite & Wooden Domino Style Box. Glacier Rocks are a great way to cool your favourite drinks. Unlike ice cubes, they gently cool your drink without diluting them. Made from "soft" stone, these rocks won't scratch glassware. They are also inert so they won't affect the flavor of any drink.
  • Each of our products is elaborately designed and manufactured,We have a strict quality control system to ensure a stable quality. Perfect for Christmas gift or another occasions gift

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