ADEPTNA Premium Large Fire Blanket in Soft Case with Loops – An Essential Safety blanket for Home Kitchen Caravan Boats Garage – Quick Deploy in Emergency - Size 1m x 1m

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  • TOP RATED FIRE BLANKET: The 1m x 1m soft case fire blanket is made of premium-quality woven glass fibre material and is laid over the fire to extinguish it by establishing an airtight seal that smothers the flames by cutting off the flow of oxygen.
  • EASY TO USE: Our Fire Blanket is really simple to use. Simply lift the handles to release the blanket from the soft case in the event of a kitchen fire at home or at work. Place the fire blanket over the fire, making sure your hands are protected. Turn off the heat source, such as the stove, and leave for at least 15 minutes.
  • DEPLOY FIRE IN SECONDS: Fire blankets are ideal for use in the kitchen and are an essential part of any fire safety equipment. Because it will be simply attached to a wall, the soft case fire blanket is ideal for residential or business use. It is lightweight and has flameproof handles, allowing it can be deployed in seconds in the case of a fire. The soft case provides excellent protection and is easily wiped clean, making it simple to use.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FIRE BLANKET USE: An Essential Safety blanket for Home, Kitchen, Caravan, Boats, Garage, University, School or any enclosed space. This fire blanket has been designed to be long-lasting, dependable, and sturdy, and it can be depended on to function whenever it is required.
  • DIMENSION: The fire blanket is in the size of 1m x 1m. Cotton tapes that are flame retardant (a notable enhancement), and 100 percent Glass Fiber Cloth. The fire blanket, unlike fire extinguishers, does not leave a mess after a fire has been extinguished. Always call the fire service in the event of a fire for safety.

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