ADEPTNA Prickle Strip Dig Stopper with u pegs Animals from Entering the Garden and Destroying Plants Cat Repellent Mat Flat Prickle Strip

Sale price£10.95
  • EFFECTIVE ANIMAL DETERRENT- This cat repellent mat features flat prickle strips designed to deter animals, preventing them from entering your garden and causing damage to plants.
  • SAFE AND HUMANE - The prickle strips are designed to be a safe and humane way to deter animals without causing harm. They act as a discomfort deterrent, discouraging animals from walking on or digging in your garden.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - This garden dig stopper is easy to install, allowing you to quickly set up a protective barrier around your plants. Simply lay the mat in the desired area, and Mat is flexible and can be cut to size and hooked together to expand the protected area.
  • DURABLE AND WEATHER-RESISTANT- Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the cat repellent mat is durable and weather-resistant weather resistant PP material, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness in protecting your garden from various animals and pests.
  • GENEROUS COVERAGE – Dig stopper mat provides extensive coverage to protect a significant area of your garden, creating a barrier against unwanted visitors. SIZE- 2m x 28cm Prickle Strip Dig Stopper with u 10 pegs

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