ADEPTNA Strong Rectangular Family Swimming Paddling Pool cover for Garden Outdoor (103" POOL COVER)

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  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Made from strong durable plastic this blue swimming pool cover will save water and therefore money as it will protect the water already inside so there is no need to empty as often. Just add water.
  • SWIMMING POOL COVER - Once you've built and filled your paddling pool and filled it with water, it seems a shame to empty it at the day's end and refill the next day. These durable covers will fit cosily around your pool, stopping dirt, leaves, debris and other detritus getting into the water.
  • KEEP POOL WATER CLEAN - Our cover is equipped with convenient elastic ties, which can be pulled in tight and tied off, ensuring a snug fit and keeping out pests like mosquitoes, flies, midges and other bugs and creepy-crawlies who might enter the pool and taint the water.
  • MADE FROM DURABLE - Rope tie helps keep cover from blowing off. Made from durable PE material. Rope ties secure cover to pool. Helps protect from dirt, debris and insects etc.
  • Suitable for pool sizes : 103" pool cover ( 262 x 175 x 25cm ) ( 8.6 x 5.7 x 0.82ft )

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